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One in three women and one in five men will face Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, according to published UK research data. For some, the news will come tragically young – for others a creeping awareness as they hit their seventies or eighties.

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Dementia can hit in an instant through a stroke, or take many years to advance. It takes many forms. First signs might be forgetting words or familiar faces. It might be a loss of physical dexterity or problems with balance. Memory problems become worse. Repetitive questioning or repetitive speech patterns may be an indicator.
Early stage dementia can be difficult to diagnose. Normal aging can impact short-term memory; occasionally forgetting where you put your car keys or glasses does not mean you have Alzheimer’s!

But, if you do have concerns about someone in your family, in addition to getting them to talk to their doctor, it is important to talk to them about arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). These are powerful documents. They give family members, trusted friends or professionals legal powers to look after the affairs of the person in question.

Without an LPA, it’s virtually impossible to deal on a sick relative’s behalf with the bank, the doctor, the care home.

With an LPA in place and ready to go, acting on behalf of your loved one is straightforward. And the interests of all parties are protected.

The government advises ALL older people to take out LPAs. They are efficient and cost effective. And they save families thousands of pounds in legal fees. As many families discover when it’s too late, trying to manage bank accounts and insurance policies after someone has been struck down with dementia or incapacitated through accident or illness is a time-consuming and very costly business.

Organise an LPA while you can to save money, stress and time-consuming legal hassle

The most important thing to remember is that an LPA can only be set up while the person who is giving the Power of Attorney has ‘Mental Capacity’. The must understand what they are doing when they sign the document. Next year, next month or next week may be too late.

So keep up with the mind gym and the antioxidants. They might work. In the meantime, protect yourself and the ones you love with something that definitely works – organise a Lasting Power of Attorney today.

Your Just Wills & Legal Services consultant will help. We are used to dealing with elderly and concerned people and will gently guide you through the LPA process in the comfort of your own home.

Call 01223 655646 or email or contact us on the website to request a consultant to contact you.

We can explain on the telephone what is involved and then arrange an appointment at a convenient time if you want to go ahead.

If you are worried about Mum or Dad – call us on 01223 655646 – we can help!

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