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Funerals in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

There has been a lot of coverage in recent months on TV and in the press about the rapidly escalating costs of funerals.


Buying a good funeral plan today will save a whole heap of family costs in the future. We monitor and check the costs from ALL the main UK funeral providers so you can choose the best. Nationally negotiated prices will usually substantially undercut direct contracts with local undertakers.

If you’d paid for a standard funeral plan for a lump sum twenty years ago it would have cost you around £1,024. Ten years ago, the same funeral plan would have cost around £2,168.  Those prices FIXED the costs at the time of starting the plan.

Today’s 2016 costs for an average funeral in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire is now £4,090. (Statistics from the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report).

The worrying trend for residents of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire is that the one year increase in that cost from 2015 is 13.5%, higher than the national average.

If prices continue to rise on these tracks, we will be looking at family costs for a standard funeral in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and East Anglia of between £10,000 and £14,000 by 2026 – just ten years away.

Cremation costs in Cambridge

We also need to remember that these figures only cover the costs of the funeral director, doctor’s fees, minister’s fee, and the cost of cremation. Burial plots, the cost of a burial, flowers, catering, press notices etc., are NOT included.

Burial costs in Cambridge

A burial plot in the Cambridge City Huntingdon Road Cemetery now costs £2,120 (unless you are a city resident which reduces the price to £610) on top of all the standard funeral fee. Fees for memorials, long-term (50 years) exclusive right to the grave site, gardening and maintenance will be added on top of this.

The Cambridge City Newmarket Road cemetery is now full and has no new burial spaces available. The ’empty’ plots there have been purchased for future use.

Additional Costs

The Sun Life research states that most families also spend an average of £2,000 on top of the actual funeral. This will include catering, hall rental, flowers, additional cars, etc.

Overall, families are faced with substantial bills at a difficult time, and often long before any inheritance emerges from the probate process. Many families have had to take out loans, put costs onto credit cards, or borrow from friends and relatives to pay for family funerals.

So, what can families do?

The answer is simple – you have to plan ahead.


There are many types and payment options. We check ALL the main provider prices every month – so you can select the best!

Despite the average funeral price for our region being over £4,000 as at November 2016 Just Wills & Legal Services Ltd can still arrange a standard funeral plan for Cambridgeshire at £3,155.

This price is through a major national provider and is guaranteed to be held until the end of 2016. Once you have bought this, either as a one-off payment or with one of a variety of monthly payment plans, your costs are FIXED.


If you are interested in a burial plot, we can only advise that they are also steadily rising in price. For costs in the main Cambridge City cemeteries, you can look here.

For local churches and parishes outside of Cambridge, it is best to contact them directly. Many cemeteries in East Anglia are closed to new burials (apart from in existing family plots) as they are already full. This partly explains the increasing trend to cremations. If burial plots are available, they will certainly be cheaper now than in ten, twenty or more years from now.

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