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Should we teach “Death-Ed”in schools like we teach “Sex-Ed”?

Good article: Death Education is a Lot Like Sex Education by Gail Rubin February 19th, 2017 Fans of The Doyenne of Death know that my motto is “Just as talking about sex won’t make you pregnant, talking about funerals won’t

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“Hope I die before I get old!”

  “Hope I die before I get old!” sang Roger Daltrey of the Who in the song “My Generation”. But he didn’t die. He turned seventy-three in 2016. And I’m sure he was glad to get there. Even if he

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Plan for your family’s security in any circumstance

Investment planning? Make sure you protect your assets after your eventual death.

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25 Ways to Live Forever

Sadly, for those seeking everlasting life, this is only a digital solution. Nevertheless, it is increasingly important to sort out your digital legacy – including online banking, investments, utility accounts, subscription sites, email and social media passwords etc.. The list

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Blog: Did you see ‘Funerals: A Costly Undertaking?’ on ITV last night?

Image: Funerals: A Costly Undertaking? Image Credit: ITV /Tonight A shocking exposé of the UK funeral industry. Key facts: Prices are doubling every 10 years Funeral debt in the UK has increased to £147 million – many families go into substantial debt to

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Have YOU protected your children?

Got kids? You really, really, REALLY need a Will! If the worst happens, your Will makes sure that your children are not taken into care while a court tries to sort out who should look after them. Your Will decides

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Blog: Freeze Rising Funeral Costs Today!

Don’t Leave Your family in a Hole When You Go! Compare ALL the main funeral providers – then choose the best Save worry and expense for your family – don’t leave them with the cost of your funeral. Guaranteed acceptance

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Blog: Second Marriage? You need a new Will!

“My mother remarried and was really happy. Then she was killed in a car accident on holiday and it emerged she hadn’t made a new Will since remarrying. Her old Will, which split everything between me and my brother was

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Blog: Can the Courts Overturn Your Will?

  The answer may occasionally be ‘Yes’, but that depends on what you are trying to do, and how well your Will is written and supported. The 2015 Court of Appeal ruling on the case of Melita Jackson who disinherited

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Blog – Do You Trust Your Spouse?

If you were in a coma, who would you want to make decisions about your care – or even whether to let you live or die? Your other half, your children, or a complete stranger? If you suffered a head

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Got a family? You need a Will!
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